Animal Tickets and
City Violations


The goal for every animal case is to keep pets with their owners and help owners find the resources they need. Our attorney started helping owners with animal ordinance violation tickets in the Kansas City area during law school and has never stopped. Now the firm has helped pet owners in most of the Kansas City metro area in Missouri with the following charges, as well as others:

  • Public Nuisance Charges

  • Dangerous Dog Charge or Determination by Cities

  • Abuse or Neglect Charges for Inadequate Food, Water, Shelter, or Healthcare

  • Failure to Procure or Display License and Tags

  • Dog Running at Large

The outcome we want for pet owners is safe, healthy pets in their homes and to not effect owners later when they need to change jobs or apply for educational assistance. Often, judges in courts tell you to stop talking and get an attorney. It is frustrating because you just want to get this mess behind you. However, you don’t want to admit to something wrong or worse than what you were charged with and end up paying high fines or even sitting in jail for the night. Yes, some charges have jail as a penalty! It is uncommon for the penalty to be enforced but it could happen.

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