Criminal Defense

Any time you're facing criminal charges, you want to know what type of impact it will have on your life moving forward. All it takes is one bad decision to cause a lifetime of problems. Sometimes you don't know you have a warrant out if the county files charges at a later date. This can feel scary, especially when bail bond companies start calling you and that is how you find out! Take a deep breathe then call a criminal defense attorney to figure out what to do in your situation.

Thurmond Law Firm helps with misdemeanor and felony charges, which include things like assault, trespassing, child endangerment, possession of illegal substances, domestic violence incidents, property damage, theft, and more. Schedule a consultation to figure out what to do.

City Tickets

We can help if you have received tickets and have to appear at any Missouri municipal court in the Kansas City metro.

County Charges

If you found out you have charges pending against you in Jackson, Cass, Clay, or Platte Counties, give us a call to help you.

Juvenile Matters

If your child is being charged with a crime, this can have serious impacts on their education and lifestyle. Thurmond Law Firm works in the family and juvenile court system regularly and can help you navigate this difficult time.

Probation Violations

Having an issue with probation? Contact us right away and make sure you have someone there with you.