Family Law

What is family law? Family law encompasses a lot of things that effect your family. Child custody is part of divorces, paternity actions, guardianship, and adoptions. Any time child custody is discussed, the parents need to also discuss child support. Sometimes it is two partners untangling their lives. Sometimes it is tangling your lives together through adoption or guardianship. Having an attorney guiding you through the process can make that easier.


When you’re separating from your spouse, there are lots of things to consider before it becomes final. If there are children involved, you need to get a parenting plan established that works for you and your kids.


Already have an parenting plan or child support order, but it’s not working or things have changed? Speak with an attorney to figure out the best way to approach the issues you’re facing.


Unmarried parents benefit from getting a parenting plan established. It helps ensure reasonable parenting time for both parents for those times when you cannot seem to agree on what to do.

Step-Parent Adoption

If your spouse has decided to adopt, speak with us to start the process. This should be an exciting time in your lives and you want the process to go as smoothly as possible.

Third Party Custody

During a divorce or paternity, some times a third party person (usually a family member) can be considered as another option when the children’s parents are unable to be parents for some reason or another.

Guardianship for Minors

For those times someone needs to step up for the children, Thurmond Law Firm wants to help. Make sure you have all the legal rights you need to best care for the kids in your life.