and Fee Options

Kristen understands that hiring an attorney can be expensive or that having an attorney involved in your affairs can sometimes make it difficult to compromise between two people. To help with these issues, there are options based upon the needs of the client.


Standard Representation or Full Representation: This is the industry standard billing method. The attorney requires a deposit and then bills at an hourly rate for the work performed on behalf of a client. This ensures the attorney is paid and has the funds available for any costs or expenses that come up during the case. While this can be expensive, you are paying for a trained professional to represent you every step of the way from dealing with the court to communicating with the opposing attorneys or parties.

Limited Services or Limited Representation: This is the pay-as-you-go option. It is the most popular alternative representation. Instead of paying an attorney hourly, you pay one fee up front. An attorney prepares the documents you need and answers your questions. Then you take the prepared documents and file them with the court. The attorney does not represent you in court at any point in time. This can potentially be done at any stage of the proceeding: filing (most common), requesting discovery, or trial preparation (at least one month in advance).

Uncontested or Agreed Upon Matters: Family law only. Another option offered is a flat rate price for uncontested dissolution or paternity actions. Both parents must be willing to agree on a parenting plan and separation agreement. Everything is prepared based on your agreement then the attorney files it for you and presents it in court on your behalf.