This type of action is for two parents who have never been married and have children together. There are usually four parts to a paternity matter: determining who the parents are, calculating child support, establishing legal and physical custody, and creating a practical parenting plan. Parenting plans are unique to each set of parents and is based on the best interests of the children involved. Parenting plans help both parents know who gets which holiday, who pays which expenses, and how to deal with issues that may come up. Thurmond Law Firm handles paternity matters in Jackson, Clay, and Platte counties.

Been served with a paternity action? Now is a good time to talk with an attorney about your rights as a parent. Courts have a stance that both parents need to be involved in the lives of their children absent a good reason for one parent to be excluded from a child’s life. You should always respond to these papers by filing an answer. An attorney is the best option to help you make sure you’re heard and part of your child’s life. At the very least go to to get the right document to file and learn how to file it.

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